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Hanro's first boutique store in Dubai Mall

"Known for its quality craftsmanship and chic styles, Hanro offers a complete selection of styles from its women’s and men’s collections over 70 square meters. The store concept was designed to accommodate the luxurious standards of the mall with its six-meter high ceilings and elegant lighting that creates a sense of intimacy found typically in European boutiques."

Joanne Molina, Identity Magazine

Hanro is a global fashion brand creating premium loungewear and lingerie for men and women. Hanro started its journey in a small Swiss town with an eye to create meaningful fashion that promotes mindfulness. Over the years the brand has taken luxury to different parts of the world and Dubai is the home to its 13th experience store.

Other HANRO boutiques are in Beverly Hills, New York, London, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, and Moscow.


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