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MODART BOUTIQUE, Dubai Design District

The design blends masculine and feminine elements

blend|projects: Modart, Retail, Dubai Design Districts

Dubai Design District is a purpose-built community in Dubai dedicated to the design, fashion, and culture community, including startups, entrepreneurs, and well-established international design, luxury, and fashion brands. It was established in 2013 and is also known under the name d3.

Our client is a multi brand luxury store with Avant-garde and unique brands such as   Rundholz, Nuovo Borgo, Moyuru, Lurdes Bergada, NU, La Haine, Crea Concept, Studiob3, etc.

Blend studio used a palette of black and grey, and splashes of silver, against the concrete to create a look and feel they deemed suitable for all brands displaying in shop and its location, Dubai design district.

In order to challenge the style and look of the various Stores in the neighbourhood, the layout of Store became very minimal and bright combined with architectural lines. A ‘less is more’ attitude that combines function with aesthetics and comfort.

Line is probably the most central of all the elements of design. It is the starting place for most artistic creation. Most design begins with line. Lines can be long or short, straight or curved. We choose to combine them to tell a story and give our design its personality.

Vertical linear hangers and staircase balustrade are seen as tall and represent grandeur while they create play of light and shadow through the whole space. Horizontal shelving were added to create balance. Curves in the form of curved fitting rooms are relaxing and moderate the mood.

 The design mixes Dubai design district grit –concrete walls, open concrete ceiling with exposed pipes and lighting –with soft drapery, black linear displays and a gigantic metal stair case.

The design blend masculine and feminine elements. If the grey colour palette and slick black hangers screams masculinity, the organic curvature fitting rooms’ walls soften the style to make it a flattering fit.

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