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The Whimsical Doll Head

If you are one of those coffee lovers, you know how great it is to have that beautiful special cup to enjoy your morning drink…

"The inspiration for the design came when I was working in a porcelain manufactory in Poland. I stumbled upon some discarded plaster molds, used to make porcelain doll heads, and the design was born." Natalia Gruszecka

ENDE is a studio founded by Natalia Gruszecka and Jakub Kwarciński - designers and graduates of ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, in 2012.

Projects created by ENDE are everyday objects that combine functionality, original aesthetic form and high-quality luxury materials. Products designed by Natalia Gruszecka are characterized by a surprising combination of a modern form, a reference to good tradition and elegance in detail and taking care of the humorous qualities of the works.

The goal of the creative duo ENDE is to make their unique and intriguing high-quality products, handcrafted with a heart in the studio could reach the hands of a wide group of amateurs of beautiful objects in Poland and around the world.

All products are cast into liquid porcelain gypsum molds, then hand retouched, pre-fired at 650C, then hand glazed, and then sharpened again at 1240C. In the final stage, all products are painted with gold, and the graphics, made by screen printing, are transferred to porcelain with carbon paper - and fired again at a temperature of 800C.

The cups and mugs are packed in cardboard boxes with graphics by Beata Rojek, filled with wood wool.

Doll head collections includes Mugs and Cups in different finishes.


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