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Hanro's First Boutique Store in Dubai

The design language of the Hanro store in The Dubai Mall stays true to the brand and its location. The Dubai Mall is a premium destination providing a rich shopping experience. Keeping it in mind, the Hanro store is designed to complement the mall's aesthetics with its signature shades. The entire boutique store carries a minimalist and sustainable outlook that Hanro has been championing for years. 


In terms of interior, the calm and relaxed aura of the store enhances Hanro's premium offerings. The fashion pieces are displayed over elegant structures enabling people to savor their uniqueness. Not just the structures, the clever use of ground space also elevates Hanro's visual appeal. The thoughtful design is further accentuated by the use of minimalist lighting.


With a space of 750 square feet (70 square meters) and a high ceiling of 20 feet (6 meters), the store has a curious blend of grandeur and intimacy. Hanro’s boutique store is conceptualized by focusing on one thing - it's not just about shopping, the goal is to always provide an overall positive experience to people entering Hanro Dubai. 


The interior design brings the best of Dubai and Hanro together and creates an inviting, sophisticated experience for people visiting the store. 

"Known for its quality craftsmanship and chic styles, Hanro offers a complete selection of styles from its women’s and men’s collections over 70 square metres. The store concept was designed to accommodate the luxurious standards of the mall with its six-metre high ceilings and elegant lighting that creates a sense of intimacy found typically in European boutiques."

Joanne Molina, Identyty Magazine

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Hanro is a global fashion brand creating premium loungewear and lingerie for men and women. Hanro started its journey in a small Swiss town with an eye to create meaningful fashion that promotes mindfulness. Over the years the brand has taken luxury to different parts of the world and Dubai is the home to its 13th experience store. 


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