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Dubai City View


Nothing is designed for mere show

The clients brief was to design an office space that is both modern & that has a serious corporate atmosphere. A big reception area , two managers’ office, three meeting rooms & open work spaces were required, in one of the two unit, a kitchen, a mechanized storage ,an archive area & accountings are in the other.

The design proposal focused in having a big reception area to have access to both units. With using tilted featured wall and a creative ceiling design, the reception area leads the viewer to the first unit while keeping a clear access to the second unit.

What is consistent throughout is exposed ceiling with exposed pipes from entrance to pantry. The Ceiling is designed in a way that Leads you from one functional area to another, it’s designed as a visual separator without having to use a physical barrier to maintain the open offices theme, a one continuous distinct white ceiling design leads you from the Reception to a wide corridor area, from that you either enter the more corporate & architectural managers rooms or to the meeting rooms which are only separated by central display wall with glass on either side.

The massive meeting rooms runs parallel to a series of enclosed offices are the central core. A flos suspended linear lighting from Flos hangs over a gigantic white meeting table from Bene which is placed corresponding to the long wooden cabinet with cove lighting and marble top suspended on micro cement finish wall.

This design offers two break rooms located aside from the meeting room. This “social hubs” are there for employees and their guests to gather around white circular bene tables casually and interact.

These three areas form a continuous open area which is defined by an architectural central oak wood ceiling, uniform glass partitions and a continuous floating display cabinets with back lighting.

The manager’s office walls were mostly covered in oak wood cabinets with black and clear glass detailed with integrated led strips to create a nice perspective behind the framed glass partition for viewers through the corridor.

The work area, located at the end of the corridor, with DVO desks attracts viewers with its open-plan configuration. It is dressed with interface carpet tiles.

 Using wood slates throughout the space helped to break the strong sunlight in the space to avoid using common office blinds. A transparent glazed wall has also been placed between the manager's office and the main work floor in an attempt to "integrate rather than segregate, and offer visibility and access to the manager at all times".

Being neither pretentious nor pompous, we feel the interior design of this office is exceptionally successful in making best use of given space, moulding it to the client’s needs & requirements. Having enough design to serve its use but not overbearing. Nothing is designed for mere show & all is made to serve a specific purpose & that we feel is an achievement & its main feature.

Suppliers: Flos Lighting, Kahrs Wood Flooring, Green Road, SDS


The blend studio team was tasked with creating an office environment that would make the premises reflect a multi-branded technology supplier’s culture.

The design of the office, which is spread out over two separate shell and core units, follows the style of Scandinavian minimalism, and while technology is an important part of our client work, it was not an aspect the company wanted to highlight in the office design.

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