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All of our designs are created with love, care and expert craftsmanship. 


Natalia Gruszecka

From the comfort of my studio,nestled in the heart of Wroclaw in western Poland, I can often be found hard at work on a new creation or fulfilling a client's order. What I love most about this city is that it bustling with artistic energy and is a major pulse point for modern artwork.
Inspired by the delicacy and color of fine white porcelain, I use it as a primary artistic medium in each one of my designs. I enjoy the creative process from sketching a design to removing it from the kiln. There simply is no greater joy than beholding a finished product that I used my own two hands to create.
My partner in crime is none other than Jakub Kwarciński who shares my passion for design, geometry and merging the chaos of it all into functional works of art. 

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