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Anadolou Office

A historically significant district within the city of Dubai


Deira is a historically significant district within the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates bordered by the Persian Gulf, Sharjah and Al Awir. Situated north of the Dubai Creek and south of the Sharjah border, Deira offers residents an interesting blend of heritage and modernity showcased together. Some of the UAE's historic attractions are located here.


Main obstacle was to convert an old residential space to an office space. Lots of walls needed to be demolished in the GF to keep the area open, accessible and naturally lit.

The design theme was to mix modern lighting designs with modern architectural formations with a touch of classical accents.


All materials and finishes used were aimed to reflect the main uses of the office: money exchange and gold trading.


Gold plated cladding was used in the reception area, staircase and most of the first floor. Dark elegant Nordic wood flooring from Kahrs was used in the main floor to maintain the rich and comfortable feel. The off white detailed wall paneling mixed with the modern ceiling features balances the warm and yet modern atmosphere.


A special emphasis & interest was shown in the selected furniture, accessories & decorative light fixtures from marina home furniture, mood and lifestyle. These were well distributed & designed to reflect a tender charm that breaks the serious atmosphere that is usually correlated with such a profession, from Gigantic grey leather sofa, the armchair in stitched leather and acrylic details to white nested table with delicate metal legs in lounge area to plush velvety green chairs with silver and rose gold bases and luxury natural wood table in meeting room.


The meeting room attracts everyone in with tall built-in wooden shelves, featuring a hidden doorway to storage room.

Another room was changed to the massive safe box by cladding all walls in metal sheets and a safe door.

Large windows offer an elevated view of the surroundings and create a picturesque backdrop in both lounge and meeting rooms.


We ended up with an environment that is beautiful, functional and very unique. We managed to add sparkle and light to the space and turned a 20 years old residential penthouse into a modern office.

Suppliers: Flos Lighting, Kahrs Wood Flooring, Marina Home, Mood

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