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The global animal health market size was valued at $35.1 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach a value of $45.42 billion by 2028 

We took the necessary time to experience the journey in the hospital as pet owners, doctors, nurses, and definitely as pets! Following the analysis, we decided to take on a challenge to change the overall experience for everybody visiting and working in the hospital! The main goal, however, was to design a floorplan layout that flowed well. 
It was concluded that the surgery, radiology, treatment room, exam room, lab, entrance, storage, and washroom all fit comfortably under one roof at the Beach Avenue Animal Hospital. 
Next, the design and material selection for the entrance needed to be welcoming, relaxing, and stress-free and, at the same time, practical, durable, and easy to clean. We focused on ensuring this space radiates with the capacity to brighten and calm anyone seated there. We found it crucial that the waiting area design doesn't cause irritability or provoke anxiety, neither for humans nor pets.  
We decided on a color scheme that would create a visually aesthetic space that is pleasant and soothing and will entice good feelings, which is quite essential in this type of facility.
As we did not have enough ground space, we used vertical space and added as many cabinets as possible. In addition, we add a folding table for treatment, allowing the personnel to open it whenever they use it.
Deeper inside the facility, specialty rooms like radiology or sterile rooms like surgery need to be designed as areas with restricted access. 
We took the opportunity to play around with modernism and futuristic designs in several areas. For instance, the exam room provided an excellent opportunity for showcasing innovation in terms of both the design and the equipment. We chose modern finishing materials to help elevate the space and give  an impression of a futuristic mindset open to embracing new ideas and procedures.
Two doors on opposing sides of the exam room were ideal for workflow, which gives access to the hospital team to move the pet from the exam room to the treatment room for the further procedure such as dental care, surgery, x-ray, etc., while the pet owner may return to the lobby from exam room through another door.
Another important aspect was the light that would coordinate well with the aesthetics of each room in the facility. Lighting plays a crucial role in design as well as the functionality since different spaces require different amounts of light. We considered the effect of bright light in the exam and surgery rooms to create a more professional environment that will instill confidence.
We have designed logos and developed branding for this new local small business.

Floor-to-ceiling walls are covered with wood-pattern laminate, which not only decreases the ambient sound level as dogs can be noisy, and it is important to consider noise control, but it also adds a warm feeling to the space.
To address odor, it is vital to have a specialized HVAC and good flooring.
In conclusion, the hospital needs pleasing surroundings, adequate workspace, good flow, and high-quality equipment. It also requires large windows that allow as much natural light as possible, specialized flooring material, and a stylish interior that will not only be more striking and aesthetically pleasant and draw in more business but also improve workflow and hospital efficiency.

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At just under 582 sqft, the space at the Beach Avenue Animal Hospital is small according to hospital standards. We could not afford to lose a single inch. There were many requirements listed by the owner, from essential spaces, flow between areas, storage for all medicine, and all professional equipment from surgery tables to exam tables.


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