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Argij is a type of mat that is woven with only one plant leaf. A leaf is skillfully shaved and then the strands are delicately woven together and finally joined together again. If you look at the argij, you will see the leaf stem on one side. The finer the weaves, the better the sieve produced.
Wildlife conservationists seek to find better ways to coexist with different species of life. Harvesting palm close to the bear’s habitat helps to prune these plants and better feed the endangered Asian black bear. At the beginning of the project in Hormozgan, only three old masters found work in the "Fourteen Villages" area in Bashagard, but today more than 50 people, young and old, weave mats, and with their efforts, about 40 types of mat weaving have been revived or created. 


  • Wicker basket
  • Dimension: L 28-30 cm


  • Standard delivery: 3-5 working days (Mon-Fri)


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